Some Emerging Challenges For Establishing Important Elements In Bodybuilding

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Some have been on testosterone for years; others haven’t started. Some compete in mainstream bodybuilding competitions; others only feel comfortable participating in this transgender-only contest. “The reason that the event is so interesting to me is because all expressions of masculinity are welcome and are Best Exercise Equipment celebrated,” Cooper tells The Daily Beast. “People are just met where they are, and celebrated for where and what they are.” The teaser for Man Made was released exclusively to Entertainment Weekly this week, and the film itself premieres on Sunday, April 22 at the Atlanta Film Festival—a fitting location for a debut because Atlanta is where Cooper first caught wind of the local bodybuilding competition, after moving to the Southern capital about four years ago. Cooper originally envisioned producing a written story about the Trans FitCon bodybuilding competition but he quickly realized that the full depth of it wouldn’t translate to the page. As EW reported , Cooper’s friend Téa Leoni of Madam Secretary fame helped bring the documentary PeakFitPro to the screen, stepping in to executive produce. “I knew the film had to be made and I knew he had to make it,” the actress told EW. While not a bodybuilder himself, Cooper tells The Daily Beast he was instantly captivated by the moment that the contestants first walk out on stage in nothing but their underwear, many of them spray-tanned to perfection, and flex their toned muscles. “From the minute I went to the first competition, I was blown away by how beautiful that one moment of stepping on stage was,” the director says.

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